Vacuum Trucks


We understand the importance of maximising the productivity of your vacuum trucks and trailers, whilst reducing your fleet’s repair cost. We’ve been servicing the trucking industry since 1980, repairing all makes of vacuum pumps and pressure/vacuum pumps. We offer quality and quick repairs to meet your production demands.

Vacuum Truck

Our expertise and repair techniques, coupled with the fact that all repairs are completed in-house, allows us to reduce repair cost and pass these savings to our customers.

Our preventative maintenance program will avoid unplanned downtime and allow for better operational planning when repairs are needed. This program could avoid unplanned catastrophic and costly repairs.

Our exchange vacuum pump program will get your truck back into production with the minimal downtime.

We offer:
  • Vacuum Pumps – sales/service/ repairs
  • Air Filters – competitively priced air inlet filters
  • Lubrication oils for vacuum pumps
  • Pratissoli High Pressure Water Pumps – sales/ repairs
  • Quality and quick repairs

Vacuum Truck