1. Re-manufacture & repair vacuum pumps & blowers:

  • Booster pumps: Stokes, Aerzen, Roots, Bora, Pfeiffer, Leybold, and many others…
  • Mechanical roughing vacuum pumps: Stokes, Kinney, Leybold
  • Turbomolecular vacuum pumps: Leybold, Varian, Pfeiffer, Edwards, Alcatel
  • PD blowers & Vacuum pumps: Aerzen, Sutorbilt, Kaeser, Roots, Cord, Tuthill, Robuschi, Hibon
  • Claw vacuum pumps: Busch
  • Vane vacuum pumps: Alcatel, Varian, Busch, Becker, Leybold, Fruitland, Presvac, Rietschle, Welch
  • Centrifugal blowers: Lamson, Hibon, Lamson,Nash, Somarakis
  • Digester compressors: G.E. gas compressor
  • Liquid Ring pumps: Travaini, SIHI, Nash, and others

  • 2. Overhaul all makes of compressor air ends
    3. Overhaul all makes of rotary air locks
    4. Sale of vacuum lubricants, fluids, fittings & piping
    5. Leak detection services for vacuum systems and other closed loop systems
    6. Diagnostics and problem solving vacuum & pressure systems

    7. Engineering & design for all pressure & vacuum systems to suit your needs, including installation & commissioning. Whether it’s a green field project or an upgrade project to reduce operational costs, we have the solution for you.

    8. Design, fabrication & installation of blower packages for waste water treatment, biogas applications, manufacturing, pneumatic & vacuum conveying, and many other applications.